No summer courses are being taught by us in 2019.
Winter 2019 course descriptions coming soon...

Come attend one of  our field schools taught in the tropics! 

Study conservation, primates, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, plants, & ecology


     Welcome to the Tree Field Studies website. Please feel free to look around to see the exciting opportunities that await you in the tropics!


Our Mission


     Our organization was established to provide students like you access to exceptional education and research opportunities in the tropics. We are committed to the conservation of wildlife and their habitats, working hard help ensure that they will continue to exist through the help of our students, faculty, and like-minded local people.

Whether you are preparing to enter graduate school, are investigating an interest in doing field work, or simply want to see the floral and fauna of the tropics we have courses for you.

Courses and Research


     Our courses cover a variety of topics and are specifically designed to focus your attention on the incredible flora and fauna of tropical ecosystems. Our faculty are highly experienced, from institutions around the world.  In addition to offering our own courses, we also facilitate classes that professors are offering from their own institutions around the world


     If you are a student, postdoc, or career researcher - Tree Field Studies takes much of the aggravation out of field research by arranging all in-country logistics. More specifically, we will help you secure research locations, permits, transportation etc. in advance of your arrival. Feel free to contact our team and we will help any way that we can.

Community Projects

















     Tree Field Studies has given financial support to people living in or around our study locations. In the past, we have provided financial support to local high school students; which has resulted in graduation and entrance into college. Through community project courses and our own student tuition, we have  helped communities build and refurbish vital infrastructure. We are pleased to say that these projects have contributed to the health, education,  and well-being of local people, and we thank those who have contributed time and money to their completion. For organizations seeking community project work, we can facilitate the project from start to finish. With your funds and sweat-equity we can help you build capacity and strengthen local communities, precursors to successful conservation. 

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Our Address:

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